Foot Pain = Fat?

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December 29, 2011
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For many, it is time to recommit to diet and exercise programs for the new year.   However, some Americans might have trouble making it to the treadmil.  A recent study by the American Podiatric Medical Association has found that foot pain stops 72% of Americans from having a healthy work out routine. 

The most common cause of foot pain is ill-fitting or improper shoes.  Running and exercising are enough work, don't let poor quality shoes get in the way of your work out.  To ensure happy feet, get fitted every time you buy a new pair of shoes.  It is also important to buy the appropriate shoes for your sport or activity. Be sure to bring the socks you plan on wearing with your shoes, as the thickness of different socks can impact the fit of the shoe.  You may way to invest in moisture wicking socks, especially if you sweat a lot, to prevent blisters from building up during your work out.  Blister prevention patches are also great for minimizing pain at the gym.  Try Engo's blister prevention patches, available through our online product store.  It's a low friction patch manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive.  Apply them directly to your footwear for blister protection and relief.  Best of all, they are sweat proof so you can still get the maximum benefit from your work out.

Don't let foot pain compromise your health. It's possible to get a good work out and not have foot pain get in the way! If you are experiencing problems with your feet, make an appointment to see your podiatrist.  Build your health from the ground up!