Get Rid of that Heel Pain

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November 16, 2010
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Heel pain is a common complaint we hear a lot about. There are several causes of heel pain and unless you have an accurate diagnosis, you may not be able to treat your symptoms properly. To have a proper diagnosis, you must see your doctor so that the appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause.

Some of the most common causes of heel pain are: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tarsal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures, and posterior heel pain. If you are unsure of the cause of your pain, you should seek medical attention. When you have any of the following symptoms, you should see a doctor.

  • Inability to walk comfortably o the affected side
  • Heel pain that occurs while resting or at night
  • Heel pain that goes beyond a few days
  • Discoloration or swelling of the back of the foot
  • Signs of infection that include fever, redness or warmth
  • Any other unusual symptoms

Once you have your diagnosis, you can start to treat your symptoms. Here are some of the most common treatments for heel pain. Remember, not all of these treatments are appropriate for every condition but they may be helpful in your situation.

Give your feet rest. Avoid any activity that is causing your pain. If you walk or run, take a couple days off. Usually resting will help eliminate the most severe pain and allow the inflammation to cool down.

Apply Ice. Icing will help to reduce some of the symptoms and help control the heel pain. Icing is especially helpful after they symptoms intensify greatly.

Preform exercises and stretches. There are specially designed exercises and stretches to relax the tissues that surround the heel bone. If you do these simple exercises in the morning and evening, they can help alleviate the pain and you'll feel better quickly.

Take anti-inflammatory medications. Taking anti-inflammatory medications will help control not only the heel pain, but also decrease the inflammation. Most of the time over-the-counter medications will work. In the case they are ineffective, prescription options are available.

Try shoe inserts. Shoe inserts like heel cushions or orthotics are often the key to successful treatment of heel pain. These type of shoe inserts often allow you to continue your activities without having heel pain.

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