Great Looking Summer Feet

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June 07, 2010
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Are you looking for ways to improve the look of your feet this summer? Perhaps you want your feet to look their best during trips to the beach or pool, or when you're out in sandals. Then try the Gilden Tree Terra Cotta 2-Sided Footscrubber and Callus Remover to improve the look of your feet. We recommend soaking your feet for 10-20 minutes in warm (but not hot, as this dries out your skin) water. You can add salts or soaking crystals to your foot soak. Then use the terra cotta scrubber to work away unsightly calluses and corns. Not only till this improve the look of your skin, but it helps prevent your Gilden Tree Terra Cotta Foot Scrubbercalluses from cracking, which leaves you susceptible to bacterial and fungal infection.

This amazing Two-sided Footscrubber® leaves feet incredibly soft, smooth and touchable. Use the Footscrubber® to cleanse, exfoliate and polish feet. Used regularly, it helps remove calluses, and reduces dry, cracked heels. They are made by a women's cottage industry in Pakistan, and it's so effective that Seventeen Magazine called it "the Arnold Schwarzenegger of pumice stones." It can even be heated or chilled before use. A portion of each sale is used to help educate children in Pakistan.

We recommend that you follow your treatment with a moisturizer. This will help improve the health and look of your skin, and the warm water soak will help open up your pores to absorb more of the moisturizer. You can also visit our website for more information (with greater detail) on how to maintain healthy, good-looking feet.

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