Puddle Feet

April 26, 2010
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Spring is a fun time for exploring your world, especially for your children. They love to enjoy the spring season, especially for the variety of weather it offers. Children love playing outside, and often will do so not only in spite of but because of rain. Exploring rain, puddles, mud, and the greenery that results from the spring warmth and wetness is great for children. It allows them to enjoy the outdoors and learn about their environment. Keep these tips in mind when encouraging your children to play in the rain.

Never play in the rain during a thunderstorm. Rain showers are usually safe, but any time you hear thunder or see lightning, it is time to move inside. You should also avoid very strong winds, as they can carry debris which can cause injury. Other strong weather problems you may encounter in the spring include tornadoes, hail (which Findlay witnessed yesterday), and even snow/ice when the temperature drops. Remember to stay away from dangerous weather conditions and heed all warnings from the National Weather Service.

Don't allow your search for puddles to lead you into unsafe areas. Streets often retain a lot of water in puddles or along drains. But playing in the street is never a good idea. Stick to puddles on sidewalks, or in grassy areas like your yard or park. Remember that wet grass can be quite slippery, so beware of falling down.

Dress appropriately for puddle jumping and spring weather. Sometimes spring rain can be cold. Protect yourself by layering the appropriate amount of clothing under a waterproof raincoat or jacket. This will keep your insulating under layers warm and dry, so you won't get too cold while playing in puddles. Remember that when you're wet, you will get cold faster. Be especially careful on colder days.

Wear the right shoes. Any time you are going to jump in puddles, you risk hitting debris or the side of a the hole the puddle has gathered in. Make sure your shoes offer support for your ankles and arches, and make sure they are closed toed to protect your whole foot from cuts, bruises and abrasions. Waterproof shoes or boots are also a good idea. Not only are rain boots fun and in style, they also keep your feet dry. This is the best protection against fungi which thrive in warm, wet, dark places (like your shoes). These kinds of shoes are also made to get wet and dry easily, which means that you won't have to wait as long for them to dry. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before wearing them again.

We hope you enjoy the spring season and the ever changing weather it offers. We hope you find some time to enjoy a rainstorm, even if it is from your porch or window with a hot cup of coffee in your hand. We also hope you and your children are able to enjoy the weather safely and avoid any foot or ankle complications. If problems should arise, do not hesitate to call our office. The sooner we can see you and begin treatment, the sooner we can have you out enjoying your spring- rain or shine.