Socks, socks, socks!

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December 28, 2011
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Socks are really great.  They are one of the best holiday gifts and can be given at any holiday.  Best of all, you will never regret buying a pair of socks because they are something that is worn everyday.  Socks are especially important for diabetics and require a special kind of sock.  Our online product store features several diabetic socks. For example, Smoothtoe Diabetic socks have no irritating toe seam, keep feet cool and dry, unique hourglass construction, heel to toe comfort sole, and a secure fit.  These socks fit your specific diabetic foot's needs. If you are diabetic, be sure to also follow the American Podiatric Medical Association's tips to maintain your foot health.  

Inspect Feet Daily

Check your feet and toes everyday for cuts, bruises, sores, or changes to the toenails such as thickening or discoloration.

Wear Thick, Soft Socks

Avoid socks with seams, which could rub and cause blisters or other skin injuries


Walking can keep weight down and improve circulation. Be sure to wear appropriate athletic shoes when exercising.

Have new shoes properly measured and fitted

Foot size and shape may change over time. Shoes that fit properly are important to those with diabetes.

Don't go barefoot

Don't go without shoes, even in your own home. The risks of cuts and infection is too great for those with diabetes.

Never try to remove calluses, corns, or warts by yourself.

Over-the-counter products can burn the skin and cause irrepearable damage to the foot for people with diabetes.

See your podiatrist

Regular check ups by a podiatrist - at least annually - are the best way to ensure your feet remain healthy. Call our office at 419-423-1888 or visit our website,, to request an appointment.