The Olympics!

February 19, 2010
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Everyone here at The Advanced Footcare Clinic is excited about the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. We have been following many sports, and enjoying all the interesting stories about the athlete's backgrounds, personal challenges they face, and the difficulties of their sports. We know that many of our patients are interested in these games as well, and that many of our patients enjoy exercising for pleasure and for their health. Like these athletes, you too may experience foot and ankle problems when you are using your feet in athletics. That is why we are happy to present a brand new blog on the Olympics and your footcare. Simply go to: to visit our new blog all about Olympic events, medal updates, injury reports on the athletes, and injuries and conditions you may suffer from while participating in Olympic activities on your own (like skiing or skating) or other non-Olympic activities. We know that the feet are the foundation of your whole body, and when you experience a problem with them, it hinders your everyday and athletic activity. That is why we want to educate our patients on their footcare, and incorporating the interesting topic of the Olympics makes that fun and easy. So visit our blog, or look to this one for continuing updates on the Olympics and your foot health.