The Right Fit: Finding the Right Shoe for You

Proper footwear is an integral part of any comprehensive foot care plan. In fact, the success of any treatment plan your doctor may prescribe can be enhanced or undermined by your choice of shoes. Here at the Advanced Footcare Clinic, we are committed to helping you find the right shoe for your lifestyle. Finding the "right fit" for your lifestlye ensures support, comfort, and style.

Remember: As the seasons change, so should your shoes. Here are a few tips offered by the American Podiatric Medical Association on how to best keep your family's feet comfortable and protected every season:

- Do not assume a given size will fit the same for different brands of shoes

- Avoid man-made materials because they limit the breathability

- Never use "hand-me-down" shoes

- Check your child's new shoes every few months to make sure they are fitting properly as children's feet grow quickly

- In the fall, Dr. Vail can recommend some great options for teenagers that may also still be fashionable enough for them to wear to school

- Make sure the shoe "fits the sport" when selecting an athletic shoe

- The toebox of many shoes is often made too narrow; be sure your toes have enough room to move.


At the Advanced Footcare Clinic, we are committed to helping you have happy, healthy feet. If you have any questions or would like to be fitted for shoes, please call our staff at (419) 423-1888.