Children and Orthotics

Children and OrthoticsOrthotics (also commonly known as shoe inserts or arch supports) are devices placed in your shoe to help return the foot to its intended, neutral position and relieve pain and discomfort in the foot and ankle. These are commonly used to treat cases of plantar fasciitis and biomechanical (structural) misalignments or problems. Orthotics can help your child remain pain free and many manufacturers are now offering an "Out-Grow" policy, which helps discount the cost of orthotics due to patient growth. We digitally scan for orthotics in our office using the Tom-Cat system. The 3-D digital Tom-Cat scanner eliminates the need for long messy plaster castings for children. The scanning and results take less then a minute to perform and are used to produce superior custom molded orthotics which are unique for every patient's specific foot.

Children and OrthoticsChildren and Orthotics

We also are able to recommend braces and other devices to help correct gait abnormalities and strengthen our young patients' developing feet and ankles.