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Our e-newsletter is a monthly publication full of great information on foot care, including the latest treatments and developments in podiatry. It is designed to instruct and educate our patients on how they can keep their feet healthy and pain free with great design and website interaction. Take a look at our past publications and don't forget "Knowledge is Power!" Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter with the link below.

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Our E-Footnotes newsletters are bi-annual publications published in the fall and spring. One is geared to children and their parents and the other to diabetics and their special footcare needs. Both publications are designed to be interactive and fun! Even if you don't have kids their great to share. Forward them to your grandkids or maybe a friend who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. By signing up for our E-newsletter above you will also receive these publications.

Fall 2011 Kids Newsletter


Winter 2011 Kids Newsletter


Fall 2010 Kids Newsletter

Fall 2010 Diabetic Newsletter


Diabetic Summer 2010 Newsletter

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