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Placental Products and Facial FAQ’s

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What makes Plazan natural skin care products better than most?

Plazanis one of the few manufacturers in the world that offer skin care products enriched with placental cell components. These components are 100% compatible with our own skin cell’s biological processes making them more effective at nourishing, hydrating and stimulating cell metabolism.

Plazan include a powerful antioxidant (Dibunol) in all our skin care products.

Plazan non-aggressive production techniques assure a total preservation of all the properties of active ingredients.

Plazan products do not contain damaging male hormones such as testosterone and androsterone while we optimize the levels of female hormones which correct imbalances and stimulate cell synthesis and regeneration.

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What components are used in Plazan creams and why do they use cell extracts?

Skin care products with cell extracts have been laboratory proven to be more effective than traditional creams or those with plant extracts. They are equivalent to our cells own biological structures and do not create a greater dependency over time as with plant extracts. We use a number of specific complexes within our creams based on placental cell extracts. These include:

  • Hyaluronic acid- One hyaluronic acid molecule can absorb 98 water molecules
  • Protein hydrolysate– Plazan protein hydrolysate, that provide cells with 'building blocks' (amino acids), are 3.5 times more nutritive than any other known substances.
  • High-Molecular Complex- This complex is 100% compatible with our own skin cell requirements.
  • Low-Molecular Complex- This complex stimulates cell metabolism, increasing oxygen consumption by 630%.
  • Placental glycosaminoglycans- Laboratory studies on wound reparation have shown the use of placental glycosaminoglycans to be 270% faster and more effective in scarring and tissue renewal.

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Where does Plazan get the placental cells that they use in the products?

All cells are extracted from placentas that are collected from maternity wards. Only after the mother has given birth to a healthy baby and a donation consent form has been signed. For European Union countries where legislation is different, we only sell products that include animal cell extracts.

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How long do I need to use the Plazan creams before I see results?  When will I see results for facials?

Clinical testing has demonstrated visible results in 6-8 weeks with creams. This is more or less equivalent to two creams and one of the reasons why we recommend to buy our creams in sets of two.

You will see results with facials in one treatment.  For the greatest effect we recommend 4-6 treatments (1 every week) and 1 monthly maintenance facial thereafter.

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How do I choose the best Plazan products and/or facial for my skin?

Our licensed spa technician will consult with you on the best products and facials for your skin type. You can use the following chart as a basic guide  in choosing the best products for you.

Plazan programs

-35 years

35+ years

Deep moisturizing and protection

Diamond Moisturizer or Gold Series Day Cream

Gold Series Day and Night Cream

Combination moisturizing and nourishing

Diamond Youth Day + Night Creams

Diamond Series Maximum Day, Night, Evening Cream

Nourishing and lifting

Diamond Young Skin Night Cream

Collagen Cream

Intensive anti-wrinkles

Gold Series Eye Contour Cream

Gold Series Eye Cream
Timeless Day Cream *45+
Timeless Night Cream *45+

Lip contours

Gold Series Lip Contour Cream

Gold Series Lip Contour Cream


Gold Series anti-cellulite Cream

Gold Series Anti-Cellulite Cream


For a skin analysis and profile on what products and facials will be best for you , please contact our Cosmetologist.

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What guarantees do I have that products or facials will work?

We are confident that you will see immediate results with facials and we will demonstrate this with you with before and after pictures.  Please realize that the greatest effect with any skin regime will be the regular use of the products at home combined with the facials in the clinic.  We regret that due to State Health Care laws we cannot take product once opened.  If you are unhappy with a product we will issue you a credit to get any other product within our Clinic. 

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