Ireland Embraces Revolution in Beauty Care

August 17, 2007

Plazan skin care treatments score big with Irish buyers.

It seems that Irish shoppers just can't get enough of the world-renowned beauty product "Plazan" offered by Ost cosmetics, with demand fast outstripping supply!

Plazan made headlines in cosmetics and beauty publications worldwide last year when it was revealed that Plazan products were one of the weapons in the skin care arsenal of none other than Jennifer Lopez.

And the great Irish public has turned out in force to embrace Plazan's range of products, proving that it's not only J.Lo who knows a good thing when she finds it!

Trisha Harris, the driving force behind Aruna - the Plazan distributor for Ireland - admits that it's a full-time job just trying to keep up with an overflowing order book:

It's been crazy! Ever since we launched Plazan products on the Irish market back in June, we haven't stopped.

Plazan's extensive range of natural beauty products are enhanced with placenta cell extracts and are the result of years of dedicated scientific research by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Results has proved that beauty treatments enriched with placental cell extracts are more effective at nourishing and hydrating skin cells, as well as boosting their metabolism.

Plazan is available for both women and men throughout the Republic of Ireland.