We would like to introduce our newly expanded Step Alive Spa®, conveniently located within our Advanced Footcare Clinic. Step Alive Spa® offers a complete safe and clean spa experience!

At the Step Alive Spa®, we know how important a role relaxation and rejuvenation plays to both prevent and cure disease and restore wellness to the mind and body.

Our spa treatments provide relaxing, customized experiences meant to rejuvenate the body, relax the mind, and refresh the soul. If you have never tried our treatment are in for a real treat!

The Difference:

All spa treatments thru the Step Alive Spa® are professionally done in our office utilizing instruments sterilized in an auto clave, just like surgical tools.  You can count on the 'Step Alive Spa' to give the safest, cleanest pedicure around!

We are no ordinary salon! Carefully supervised by our doctor, we offer not only a sterile environment, but all the perks of a full salon such as cuticle treatments, softening lotions, mud detoxifying and nail polishes that are enriched with anti-fungal ingredients.

"Take a fast-paced, first class joy ride of lavish living as we check out the fortune building career and businesses of Jennifer Lopez... and the incredible indulgences that come with it. Personal assistants. Stylists. Trainers. Even a holistic healer. And from her fleet of cars to her massive mansions to her designer clothes, nothing is out of wallet's reach for this superstar diva. Our experts reveal Jen's multi-million dollar extravagances, top dollar dining habits, and more bling-bling than you could ever imagine. It's all just a day in the very fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez." - VH1

Try our new Placenta Cell facials! Placenta cell technology helps repair and strengthen the body's own mechanisms to encourage healing and lasting effects never before seen with any other skin product.  See below for more information.

Placenta Cell Science in Our Facials

Pop sensation Jennifer Lopez has revealed the secret to keeping
her skin looking younger for longer- placenta facial treatment.

The chart topping diva Jennifer Lopez, also star of a number of box office hits, has joined the number of A-grade Celebes regularly using the treatment originally discovered by Russian scientists.

Her closely guarded secret was revealed in a world exclusive report on the VH1 show, the fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez, broadcast on the 6th of June 2005. During the program J.Lo talked openly about her placenta collagen face masks.

Placental cell based cosmetics are being used in all of the top US clinics and are growing in popularity world-wide. According to cosmetic researchers, placenta protein in skin care products supplements the vitamin and hormone content.  Over time scientists believe the protein nourishes and actually rejuvenates the skin.

A spokesman for placenta cosmetic experts, Ost Cosmetics, which distributes Plazan Skin Care Products worldwide, said: "This is the future for beauty care. More and more people are beginning to discover the amazing benefits of placenta skin care. What other beauty products promise, Plazan delivers in spades.  It's been proven time and time again that placenta not only slows down the skin's ageing process but also makes young-looking skin healthier."

Now you have a good chance to do the same original youth-enhancing Placenta Collagen Masks used by Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities! Placenta Collagen Masks are a proven way to rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking great for years. All Plazan natural skin care products are clinically proven to be safe and effective.  Contact us today for an appointment!

Click Here to download and print a listing of our Step Alive Spa® services and price list.  Includes special package pricing for all treatments.

Our Services Include:

  • Pedicures
  • Manicures
  • Facials using Placenta Cell Science & Infrared Light
  • Simple Nail Grooming
  • Body Massages using hot stones
  • Aromatherapy
  • Paraffin dips for feet and hands
  • Nail Restoration with Keryflex™ that creates a durable and flexible artificial nail. You never have to be embarrassed wearing sandals again!

Gift Certificates are available