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Plazan Natural Skin Care Products - World Leader In Placenta Cosmetics

plazan natural skin care products - lab view

Research-and-production enterprise "Plazan" has worked in the market of cosmetics and medicines since 1991 and is a group of highly skilled experts. They are doctors and candidates of medical, pharmacological, and biological sciences. Many of These specialists have been working for numerous years in structures at the academy of sciences for the Russian Federation. From as far back as 1986 some employees of the company had been engaged in the development and study of placental cell preparations.

In 1989 at The Russian Academy of sciences "Plazan" won a grant for innovative activity for research of biologically active placental cell extracts, and in 1991 the placental cell preparations developed by the company where entered into clinical tests by the health authorities. Since 1998 "Plazan" is the only company officially recognized as the developer of placental cell preparations by the Ministry of Health for Russia.

plazan natural skin care products preparation

Plazan preparations created by the company's scientists have passed the closing stages of clinical tests by the Pharmacological committee for The Russian Ministry of Health. At present, its activity is used in the Plazan cosmetic series. (Creams for skin care, hair care, and face masks preparations).

The approach to cosmetics from a medical point of view has enabled them to create highly effective skin care products. The latest development of the Plazan series is the professionally hand picked set of natural components, which corresponds to your type of skin, allowing you to feel attractive and self-assured.

The company has its own research laboratory, which is engaged in a system of allocation for the stabilization of placental components, it creates new medicinal forms that act as a base for the Plazan cosmetic range. After 15 years of experience in laboratory, testing "Plazan" has developed a comprehensive quality control system for raw materials. Beginning at the source, every donors' tissue (placenta) goes through a virological, microbiological and histological control. Once in the laboratory, the active ingredients are extracted and the material undergoes a second viral and microbiological test.

A further independent analysis is carried out on samples at the Ministry of Health, and finally, product samples are tested at the State Sanitary Control agency before being issued a Quality Conformity certificate. Only after this final check is approved that our products are authorized for distribution and sale.

This four-stage control system assures that Plazan cosmeceuticals are manufactured at the highest quality levels in accordance with World Health Organization requirements.

Quality control and credibility is unquestionable. Firstly, the aspect of Plazan beauty products reflects their stated ingredients. Secondly, the active ingredients undergo rigorous quality testing from source to product in full compliance with the requirements of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. Thirdly, Plazan beauty products are developed without chemical, physical or electromagnetic intervention, thus guaranteeing the efficacy of their active ingredients.

Plazan openly state all product ingredients and active components and explain the reason for each of them and the benefit gained by their use. Plazan natural skin care products are made with all-natural, compatible components that provide real benefits without negative secondary effects and this enables us to be totally honest in all aspects of product ingredients, processing, manufacturing and behavior. Plazan openness policy is the best guarantee our customers have of product quality and efficiency, and a clear demonstration of the confidence we have in Plazan cosmeceuticals.

"Plazan" is a dynamically developing company, which leads in both science, and the manufacturing industry. The quality of our products set them apart from other brands, allowing the consumer to estimate it at its true worth.