I had heel pain for months that was keeping me from my everyday activities and I didn't want surgery because I'm a very active person. After my first visit with Dr. Vail my fears were relieved. He recommended Blood Platelet injection and now I am back to my regular routine and I am pain free! He also made me custom molded inserts to support my feet and prevent the problem from recurring. He is great at making a patient feel at home and even made me laugh. He's got a great sense of humor!
Eric G.

Competing in a gymnastic meet, I injured my foot. Knowing Dr. Vail's office takes emergency appointments, my mom called the office and I was seen less than 1 hour later, after business hours, on a Saturday night. Dr. Vail was simply wonderful and took extra time to review my x-rays with me. Turns out I broke it and had to have a cast put on, but at least I knew I was in good hands. I even got to take a copy of my x-ray home with me!
Jacqueline S.

My ulcer was not healing because of my diabetes. Dr. Vail was not only able to cure my ulcer, but I have not had any ulcer because of the special shoes he made me. I truly feel blessed to have Dr. Vail take care of my feet.
John M.

I had ankle problems since I was a teenager and been to many podiatrists. None were close to as compassionate as Dr. Vail. He took the time to really listen to my problems and how they affected my quality of life. He keeps me on my toes!
Kimberly W.

I've always had a fear of doctors, but I must say that Dr. Vail really put me at ease. He really listened to me and took the time to answer my questions in a way that I could understand. Although I am never happy visiting a doctor, I would choose Dr. Vail anytime because he makes me feel comfortable.
Linda S.

Knowing I had to go on vacation and we would be doing a ton of walking, I was extremely nervous to visit the foot doctor because I was scared they would tell me something bad. Dr. Vail was so understanding of my circumstances and really helped me get back to walking almost pain free in a little under 3 weeks. I owe a lot of my great vacation to him!!!
William T.

I have been struggling with heel pain for years, until I saw Dr. Vail. The pain was getting so bad that I wasn't able to enjoy long walks anymore. He not only made my pain disappear with the shockwave therapy but he was thorough in explaining the cause and addressed that with getting me orthotics. I never had such a pleasant experience with any other doctor! Thanks to Dr. Vail, I am able to walk many miles a day again!
Paula R.

Before the Blood Platelet procedure I had pain in my heel everday! Normal Activities were very painful. This procedure was so easy and it literally gave me my life back. I can work and even chase my grandchildren around without pain or worry.
Cheryl C.