The Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life: Award winning Plazan cosmeceutical skin care products


Plazan Awards: Intercharm, Expo Beauty etc.

Imagine if someone asked you. Would you like to have today the skin care products that the rest of the world won't have for another ten years? In the last American presidential elections, it was common knowledge that George Bush and Senator Kerry were strongly debating the issue of placental cell research, and it's funding in the states. Unbeknown to them, Plazan Cosmetics has been researching it for the past ten years. Yes that's right, Plazan researchers are ten years ahead of the rest of the world, in anti-aging prevention, and skin cell rejuvenation, using components from placental cell extract. Today Plazan shares with you its world of individual high technology, offering a service for timeless beauty.

Plazan Seriesis not only the chosen product of you the customer. It is also the preferred product of top international judges at cosmetic  exhibitions across the world.

Plazan Prix de l’innovation Awards

VI International Congress for Applied Aesthetics, September 2006, Latvia

The Prix de l’innovation Awardsawarded to Plazan Skin Care for "The new professional product for facial care 2005/2006".

plazan golden award 2005

Golden Award for the Best Trade Name. New Millenium Award

Awarded in Paris, France, May 2005.

Intercharm, Expo Beauty award

International Gold Award for the best therapeutic technology in anti-aging prevention.

Awarded  at Intercharm, the largest specialized perfumery and cosmetic exhibition in Eastern Europe, November 2004.

Awarded  at  Expo Beauty cosmetic exhibition, February  2005.
The Award Winning Facial Procedure

Gold Award at the All Russian Inter-industry Exhibition, Moscow 2003

Awarded to Plazan Skin Care for the best technology creation in cosmetology, medicine, and pharmacology.


plazan skin care gold award 2002

Gold Award at the All Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow 2002

Awarded to Plazan cosmetic series. For the development of the worlds first allo cosmetic complex with curative properties and active components based on placental cell extracts.

plazan skin care quality mark 2002

Golden Quality Mark, 2002

Awarded by the superior quality mark Moscow for best contribution and development in the cosmetic industry, with the highest quality of production and goods.