fungal nail

How does the laser work?

This patented laser is specially designed to shine through your toenail and destroy the specific pathogens embedded in and under your nail causing the infection.

Is this laser painful?

The gentle laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue. There is no discomfort associated with the treatment during or after. This treatment does not harm or affect your activity in any way. Some patients may experience the sensation of heat.

fungal nail

Does it really work?

In the first clinical study, 88% of the treated patients grew out a normal looking nail after one treatment. After the one treatment, the nail plate should grow out normally in 6-12 months if there is a healthy nail bed. This result is comparable to the success rate for the oral pill, Lamisil, which you take for three months with some risk of side effects.

Is this treatment safe?

There are no age or health restrictions or limitations-except during pregnancy and those with immune compromised diseases such as HIV, Aids, Lupus, and certain cancers. The physician will determine at your initial consultation if the laser treatment is right for you based on your medical history and overall foot health. In clinical studies there have been no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side effects. As you may know, the use of the medication available today for treatment of fungus toenails, carries with it possible systemic involvement (commonly the liver and kidney). This laser does not! Noveon laser treatments consist of 3 - fifteen minute sessions at day 1, day 14 and 60 days from initial treatment. Depending on the severity of your onychomycosis a fourth treatment may be necessary. Some people also have a predisposition to the disease and may require periodic treatments to kill any new fungal infection that may arise.

Does my insurance pay for this?

Despite the face that onychomycosis is an infectious disease, health insurance companies consider laser treatment aesthetic and do not cover the treatment. The treatment cost depends on how many toenails are involved and starts at $550.00 for one toenail. We accept major credit cards and personal checks or you may use your Flexible Spending Account from work. We also will accept CareCredit for 6 month and 1 year no interest payment plans. Please visit their website for details. The laser treatment is only applied to the toenails that are infected on both feet. A session of 4 toenails lasts about 15 minutes. There is also an initial consultation with the doctor to see if you are a candidate for the treatment. This visit is billable to insurance and separate from the laser treatment. If a fourth treatment is necessary this is at an additional cost.

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