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"I wrote these books and DVD's because too many people suffer from foot pain unnecessarily" Dr. Thomas F. Vail

secrets to foot and ankle health

Secrets to Foot and Ankle Health - is Dr. Vail's first book published in 2007. It is intended for all people who want to know how to take care of their feet to avoid pain. It also explains common foot ailments, their causes and treatments. Everything from Bunions, Arthritis, Diabetes, Arch Pain, Fungal Nails, Hammertoes, Warts and Stress Fractures is covered helping you understand the symptoms and treatments available for most foot conditions. Special topics include conservative foot care, surgical treatments, orthotics and pediatric care for both the feet and ankles. With over 20 years in private practice Dr. Vail gives his thoughts and inside knowledge of the proper way to care for your feet to keep them healthy for life.


podiatry: one step closer to understanding

Podiatry: One Step Closer to Understanding - a DVD compilation that explains in depth what a podiatrist does, what causes foot pain and the treatments available. It includes special sections on Diabetes and Wound Care, Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Hammertoes and Custom Orthotics, just to name a few. A great visual learning tool to help you understand foot and ankle conditions and their treatment.


kick heel pain

Kick Heel Pain - published in 2009 after many requests from patients to cover this important topic is now available. Chapters include The Causes of Heel Pain, Diabetic Heels, Conservative Heel Care, Surgical Remedies, Orthotics, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Autologous Platelet Concentrate Injections. A special section includes stretching exercises guaranteed to alleviate pain and an extra bonus immediate heel and arch pain reliever. A great resource to keep on-hand for the entire family.


diabetes and your feet...steps to an easier life

Diabetes and Your Feet...Steps to an Easier Life - 2nd edition just published! To download your free copy of our second edition click here and complete the form. You will receive an e-mail with an attachment of our 2nd edition release in .pdf version so you can download it. All new chapters in the book include recipes for sugar control and exercises specific to type 1 and 2 diabetics. Special topics in this all new book include: Do you qualify for Diabetic Shoes thru Medicare? and Diabetic Shoe manufacturers-tips on how to get the best shoe fit from a certified shoe fitter. A great handbook for everyone inflicted with this disease affecting over 80 million Americans.


therapeutic heel stretch

Therapeutic Heel Stretch - Coming Soon! A DVD in final production that you can use at home to motivate and instruct you on the best stretching exercises for your heels and how to keep them healthy and functional for life! Scheduled Publish Date: Fall 2012


got feet?

Got Feet? -2nd edition of book just published! To download your free copy of our 2nd edition click here and complete the form. You will receive an e-mail with a attachment of our 2nd edition release in .pdf version so you can download it. The new improved 2nd edition of 'Got Feet?' is a book about kids feet for the entire family. It includes all new chapters on the best kids shoes for athletic and casual. It even comes complete with a shoe measuring tool you can print off and take with you shopping. Other new and updated topics include pediatric foot conditions and how pregnancy effects your feet. The last chapter gives the 'top shoe' list for children. A great resource at the beginning of the school year.


the sports foot

The Sports Foot - 2nd edition of book just published! To download your free copy of our 2nd edition click here and complete the form. You will receive an e-mail with a attachment of our release of the 2nd edition in .pdf version so you can download it. 'The Sports Foot' 2nd edition has all new chapters and includes specific topics for every type of athlete from football player to gymnast. It is an essential tool for all athletes of any age! In depth updated topics include the proper shoes for all different sports and how to shop for the correct shoes. It includes exercises and stretching techniques formulated by Dr. Vail over his extensive 20 year career in podiatry. It includes a special fold-out for kinesio taping your foot for maximum support while playing a sport or running. Get a jump on this great new 2nd edition that has everyone talking!


dancing foot health

Dancing Foot Health - JUST PUBLISHED! Be the first to get this great resource whether you are an amateur dancer or professional, this book has great insight on how to keep your feet in shape and pain-free. A special resource for dancers and how to take care of their special foot care needs. From ballet to tap this book is for you! Even if you just like to dance for fun you can learn a lot about how to protect your feet from damage. Special topics include how to prepare for a shoe fitting including pointe shoes and tap. Therapy options for the experienced dancer and conservative approaches to injuries to keep you 'on the stage'. Also included are special chapters on protecting your children's feet as they dance and their feet grow and change.


heel pain dvd heel pain: overview & treatment options

Heel Pain DVD Heel Pain: Overview & Treatment Options - a DVD compilation that explains in depth the causes and treatments available for Heel Pain. Special topics include conservative non-surgical treatments including ESWT Shockwave therapy and PRP-Blood Platelet Injections. With this DVD you will realize that you don't have to live with heel pain and there are many conservative options that give great relief. If you or someone you love is suffering from heel pain this is a great resource! Click picture to order.



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