So you have tried on multiple pairs of running shoes and there is just something that isn't right. The perfect fit may be just a lace adjustment away! Here are a couple of lacing options to help you find the perfect fit!

Heels that are slip...sliding...away.....

Try this lacing technique:

Take each lace and place in each end back into the same hole leaving a small loop on the outside of the eyelet. Thread each loose end through the loop on the opposite side. Pull to create a secure closure of the lace.

High instep? No problem!

Feet with a high instep can also enjoy a perfect fit with a slight adjustment. Try this one:

Begin to lace your shoes as normal with a criss cross lacing. When you reach the midfoot, instead of the criss cross, feed the laces up each side of the shoe. Then complete your lacing with the criss cross lacing method.

Got a wide forefoot? This technique ought to help you:

Similar to the lacing technique listed above, feed the laces up each side of the shoe in the width portion of the shoe. Once you pass the widest area of the foot, continue with the traditional criss cross lacing method.

For the narrow foot, we have one for you too!

Use the loop lace lock as listed above halfway up the shoe adds an extra layer of lacing over your midfoot. This will result in a more secure fit!

While lacing techniques are helpful, ensure you are fitted by a shoe professional for the optimum fit based on your fitness level. Once you have the right shoes and lacing, get out and go for your walk or run!

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