What's in Your Sock Drawer?

I get asked everyday about the types of shoes people should buy, but what about socks? Why do we ignore a very basic part of our shoe gear? New technology has invaded our home, offices and gym bag. It's changed the way we correspond, drive our cars, listen to music, cushion our running shoes and yes....even our socks have taken a technology based transformation.

New technology has made fabrics lighter, healthier, more comfortable, more-wicking, and more durable. Using a variety of new-age fabrics and even old-fashioned cotton blends can help keep feet dry, leaving them more comfortable and blister-free. My favorite socks are double layer Coolmaxx which keeps my tootsies dry and blister free. Since your feet spend much of their time covered in some kind of footwear, it is essential to choose the right socks for your needs. From fabric to fit, making sure your socks are the right ones for the job are essential. (Yes, socks come in sizes just like shoes!)

Here are some sock buying tips from the trenches:

- A sock with a poly/cotton blend is the best for everyday wear. Sweat wicking blends like Coolmaxx or Dry-weave are best for running. If you have a chronic fungal infection or itchy feet, you may like socks impregnated with silver or copper to decrease the fungus and bacteria collecting in between your toes.

- It really is all about fit. Socks should fit like a glove. No loose fabric or bunching up around the toes and especially no contracting or curling your toes because they are too small! Thin or thick, just make sure they fit and don't make you shoes too tight.

- Diabetics and those with circulation problems or blister problems at the tips of your toes should wear specialty seamless socks. These are available in many types and sizes.

- All socks should be tried on with the appropriate shoes. Don't try on your running socks with dress shoes...that's a recipe for buying the wrong socks!

- When in doubt, visit Step Alive Shoes, our therapeutic shoe store. We have lots of socks and can help you with your choices for everyday and running.....

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