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We all know technology greatly assists us with our bodies from diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond. So what can it do for your feet? There are cool products out there that will literally scan your feet in a matter of seconds offering a picture as to the pressure your feet carry on a daily basis.

At Step Alive Shoes, we utilize the Aetrex I-Step SP 5000 system. The I-Step consists of a foot plate along with a computerized system that displays results via a flat screen monitor.

The I-Step patented technology features 3,744 gold plated barometric sensors that measure the pressure exerted by the foot every 0.25 cm. This incredibly high concentration of sensors results in unmatched accuracy and allows the device to perform an accurate reading. From adults to small children, the sensors will offer a display of the foot in a way you have never imagined. The device has 1,326 infrared LED's and receptors aligned every half milimeter. This infrared technology obtains your foot's pressure points along with a measurement which includes the length and the width. All of this information is completed in a matter of seconds all while you stand on the foot plate.

You can view your foot in two or three dimensions ranging from low to high resolution. The scans are completed in a postural format (standing still) or a dynamic format (walking across the foot plate).

Patients arrive to Step Alive Shoes from the visit with the Podiatrist with a lot of information. The I-Step along with a discussion from the Certified Shoe Fitter helps a lot of patients obtain a visual of their foot situation resulting in a better understanding of what is causing their foot pain and a positive outlook to manage their foot ailment.

Based on your Podiatrist's recommendation and the I-Step results, you will receive the appropiate orthotic and shoes. This combination along with the guidance of the Certified Shoe Fitter increases the success rate in reducing to eliminating your foot ailment. The results are astounding!

The scan process is free! Stop in to Step Alive Shoes at The Advanced Footcare Clinic for a different look of your feet in a new light!

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