fungal nail
fungal nailfungal nail

Overview of Noveon Laser

Nomir has developed the NoveonĀ® therapeutic laser device which harnesses the power of optical energy in two distinct wavelength patterns to make the treatments highly successful in killing fungi pathogens.

Noveon Laser Specifications:

  • A totally new type of laser, non significant risk.
  • Does not use dangerous UV or ablation.
  • Does use 2 very specific IR wavelengths that have the unique ability to cause photodamage to microbes at physiologic temperatures that can kill directly or sensitize to antibiotics.
  • These effects have been used successfully in humans with both MRSA and fungi.

The gentle laser light works through the nail.

  • Safe
  • No side effects.
  • Does not harm the nail or skin.
  • Painless - no anesthesia needed.
  • 3 treatments at Day 1, 14 and 60
  • Shoes can be worn immediately after treatment.
  • Highly effective

fungal nail

Clinically Validated Results

Nomir has secured a 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to utilize the company's Noveon device during contact and non-contact surgical procedures of the skin, subcutaneous tissues and nasal passages in dermatology, plastic surgery, podiatry, and otolaryngology.

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