Our Services

Dr. Thomas Vail offers a full array of podiatric services to help you maintain healthy feet. You can read more on this page about specific services.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Handicapped accessible
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy - available for heel pain
  • Laser surgery available
  • Individual treatment rooms with calming views of Lake Cascades




Special Services

Dr. Vail possesses exceptional training and uses state of the art technology to get you better faster. Our comprehensive treatments include such things as:

On site foot health store



A complete line of Diabetic shoes including such well known brands as: Natural Step, New Balance, Dr. Comfort, Safestep, Pedors, Aetrex, Crocs, and P.W. Minor




Therapeutic braces




Laser surgery for removal of warts and lesions.



Diabetic Wound healing in conjunction with Bay Park and St. Vincent's in Toledo, OH.





On site Extracorporeal Shockwave treatment for heel pain







Aetrex digital foot scanner with i-step technology to measure your feet and map your arch height, foot width and overall pressure distribution. A valuable tool to recommend the best shoe and insole for your particular needs.




Digital Scanning of Feet with Tom-Cat for Custom Molded Orthotics producing a far superior imprint of the foot then traditional methods.


Community Outreach

For Dr. Vail at The Advanced Footcare Clinic, "excellence in podiatric care" extends far beyond the walls of the office in Findlay, Ohio. That commitment to excellence in care is evident in their efforts to reach out to everyone in the community.

Part of reaching out to the community involves raising public awareness through educational events and initiatives. "The health of the foot and ankle is an indicator to a person's quality of life," says Dr. Vail. "It is important to educate the public about ways to prevent foot pathology and improve overall health."

One event of many was Dr. Vail's participation in the National Diabetes Walk. Drawing over a hundred residents in town, The Advanced Footcare Clinic placed second in corporate donations for the region. Preventative health care is vital for diabetics, according to Dr. Vail. "Early detection and intervention often means the difference between treating a manageable foot condition and one that is more serious, especially when dealing with diabetes."

In regards to sharing medical advice in educating the public, Dr. Vail has contributed to many newspaper articles about various areas of foot and ankle health, whether it be reaching out to the Diabetic community in an article in the Courier newspaper about the importance of foot examinations and type 2 diabetes or through an article in Findlay Now providing tips on golf swings and foot pain. Dr. Vail has also written several books on the subject of foot care and they are offered at no cost to the local community. Please visit our home page to order your free copy.

As well as furthering the health of community members, Dr. Vail takes a vested interest in the success of the community through various philanthropic endeavors. These include generous donations to the Sisters of the Poor in Toledo, The City Mission with a yearly shoe and sock drive, and the Special Olympics. To learn more about our Soles4Souls and Socks2Soles Donation Drives click here.

Dr. Vail welcomes the opportunity to become involved in the community through events such as career days, health and fitness events, and educational seminars regarding foot and ankle health. As he believes in the office's philosophy of treating the "whole patient" and not just the foot, Dr. Vail's enthusiasm for reaching out into the community is just as infectious and as strong as the commitment of care and excellence he instills in his staff. "Creating new relationships and being able to help people -- those are the things that continually bring joy to what I do."

If you would like to contact our office to help arrange an event with The Advanced Footcare Clinic, please email us at [email protected]

Knock Your Socks Off


We are very proud to share with you the details of a recent community outreach program that was organized by our office staff.

Dr. Vail believes that people can help themselves avoid many foot problems later in life if they are properly educated about foot care at an early age. To that end, the office staff developed a short twenty minute presentation that demonstrated to area young students the importance of proper foot care as well as the appropriate way to take care of their young feet. Additionally, they learned about the anatomy of their feet and how their foot develops as they grow.

During the month of May, 2009, two of our office staff, Julie Rubel and Zachary Thomas, visited three area elementary schools in Hancock County - McComb, Vanlue, and Lincoln Elementary - and presented this program to over 300 students. In addition to receiving invaluable information about foot care, the students also received a workbook containing games and facts about feet.
This program was well received and it is our hope that the students will take heed of the information offered and be more attune to taking care of their feet properly.

A video presentation of the event is at the top of this page. If you would like to have this presentation offered at your school, please call the office at 419-423-1888 or click here to email us.

Here is a listing of the topics covered in the presentation: